Mission Statement

WCG is a global nonprofit committed to meeting the vast unmet demand for modern contraception, by providing access to reproductive health solutions for women and girls around the world. WCG’s core mission is strongly aligned with the “If You Don’t Tell Them, Then Who Will?” campaign by educating and empowering women when it comes to reproductive health and their bodies, particularly in making sure that they are getting their information from a reliable source. Encouraging women to understand what options are available and how those decisions impact their lives and the lives of their families is core to the organization.

What We Do

We make it possible for all women to have options when it comes to their reproductive health—no matter where they live.

We empower women and girls by bringing women's health issues out of the shadows.

We identify the best contraceptive products available on the market with a rigorous, disciplined adherence to quality.

We partner with leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to bring selected products into our portfolio.

We register and license each product according to country-specific regulations to expedite time to market.

We oversee product manufacturing to preserve product integrity, keep women safe, and eliminate the chance for counterfeiting.

We forecast the need and drive demand for products with clinicians and patients.

We distribute our products through an extensive global network that reaches women in the most remote areas of the world, creating uninterrupted access like never before.

How We Do It

We combine business intelligence and global infrastructure with a highly qualified team. We bring strategic partnerships together along the value chain to introduce and create access to health innovations in global markets.


Where We Work

WCG brings contraceptive options to women no matter where they live.


Staff & Board

The people behind WCG


WCG Senior Leadership Team

Saundra Pelletier

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Culwell, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Russell Barrans

Chief Commercial Officer

Karen Jordan

Senior Vice President, Finance & Operations

Ellen Thomas Sullivan, MPH

Vice President, Global Governance and Corporate Secretary

Shannon Bledsoe

Vice President, Programs

Rachael Hildebrandt

Associate Director, Human Resources

Board of Directors

Gill Greer, CBE, MNZM, PhD



Currently there are no open positions. Please continue to visit our website for future employment opportunities, and thank you for your interest.

WCG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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