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PLUS: Ipas MVA Plus® Aspirator
SVS‐LF: Single Valve Aspirator (Unsterile)
SVS‐S10: Sterile Single Valve Aspirator 10 Pack

Ipas EasyGrip® Cannulae:

SR4: Size 4mm
SR5: Size 5mm
SR6: Size 6mm
SR7: Size 7mm
SR8: Size 8mm
SR9: Size 9mm
SR10: Size 10mm
SR11: Size 11mm
SR12: Size 12mm

3mm & Flexible Karman Cannulae:

To use with Ipas MVA Plus® Aspirator, adapters required. To use with Single Valve Aspirators, cannulaes sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, or 6mm required.
EB3: 3mm Cannulae for Endometrial Biopsy
FC4: Size 4mm
FC5: Size 5mm
FC6: Size 6mm
FC7: Size 7mm
FC8: Size 8mm
FC9: Size 9mm
FC10: Size 10mm
FC11: Size 11mm
FC12: Size 12mm


AK‐PLUS: Accessory Kit for Ipas MVA Plus® Aspirator
AK‐SVS: Accessory Kit for Single Valve Aspirator
ADP‐SET: Adapter Set (6mm‐10mm)
ADP‐6MM: Adapter Set (6mm ‐ Set of 5)
DD5‐S: Denniston Dilators (Set of 5: 5mm/6mm, 7mm/8mm,
9mm/10mm, 11mm/12mm, 13mm/14mm)
MRL15CC: 15cc Bottle of Silicone
2CC‐10: 2cc Silicone Tubes (Set of 10)
UPM: Uterine Pelvic Model

Documentation Requirements (in addition to Commercial Invoice and Packing List, if needed.)

 ISO Certification CE Certification Certificate of Analysis Certificate of Origin ( Certified by Chamber of Commerce) Certificate of Origin (Certified by Manufacturer) Certificate to Foreign Government (Certificate of Free Sale)
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