Expanding Effective Contraceptive Options (EECO) project.


Over 26,000 woman’s condoms distributed in Zambia and Malawi through our innovative product introduction platform, EECO.

The EECO project is designed to support the introduction of new and improved contraceptive methods that address method-related reasons for non-use and better meet the reproductive health needs of women and girls.

The EECO program will produce roadmaps for introducing and creating demand for new, woman- initiated family planning methods. Pilots in Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar, Niger, and Nigeria provide women with greater choice to prevent unplanned pregnancy through access to new barrier methods, a hormone- releasing intrauterine system, and an intra-vaginal ring (IVR). The products include the SILCS diaphragm and the Woman’s Condom developed by PATH; Progering, a progesterone contraceptive vaginal ring developed by the Population Council; and a levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system developed by Medicines360.

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