Saundra Interviews by Devex — “Motivating Development Professionals: Advice from Experts”

  • Posted on Dec 16, 2013 at 5:30

Saundra Pelletier was part of a select group of CEOs who were interviewed by Aimee Rae Ocampo for a Devex article focusing on what factors lead professionals to leave their organizations and what senior management can do to address demotivating challenges and reduce turnover rates. Saundra shared her experiences with WCG and commented on the effective strategies that she and other leaders employ that include:

  • Establishing clear feedback mechanisms
  • Meeting with staff face-to-face
  • Connecting staff duties and accomplishments with the organization’s mission
  • Opening opportunities for growth
  • Instituting fair compensation/reward practices

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Devex is an organization that helps the international community deliver foreign assistance efficiently and effectively. Devex’s global membership totals half a million professionals and 1,000 organizations in 100 countries, including The World Bank, The International Rescue Committee and Save the Children.

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