WomanCare Global CEO Honored by San Diego Media

  • Posted on Aug 15, 2012 at 10:20

San Diego, CA —WomanCare Global CEO Saundra Pelletier has been honored by two of San Diego’s prestigious publications, San Diego Metropolitan Magazine and San Diego Magazine, for her outstanding contributions to the city and women’s healthcare worldwide.

San Diego Metropolitan Magazine has named Saundra one of 20 “Women Who Rock” for the impact she has made in the San Diego area, and San Diego Magazine has selected Saundra as a finalist for their “Woman of the Year” award. The winner will be announced in the fall during an event sponsored by the magazine.

Pelletier commented, “I am thrilled to be the recipient of these honors and plan to continue working to enhance women’s healthcare access across the world, and increasing awareness of this critical issue in the local, national and international media.”

Pelletier, who has led WomanCare Global for the last three years, recently moved the organization’s headquarters to San Diego, California. Under her leadership, WomanCare Global has positively impacted the health and welfare of women in the developing world by providing access to safe, affordable contraception along with other reproductive-­-focused healthcare products.

About WomanCare Global:

WomanCare Global improves the lives of women, their families, and communities, by enabling access to quality, affordable contraceptive and reproductive healthcare products. We believe that when women can choose whether and when they’ll have children, they can be at their best. The result is greater personal empowerment, flourishing families, prosperous communities, and for all of us, a better world. While serving women is the passion that drives what we do, it’s our business intelligence that makes our work possible. We strategically redirect revenue from developed countries to underserved markets. In this way, we eliminate economic and geographic barriers and increase our impact, reaching women no matter where they live, in more than 100 countries worldwide. WomanCare Global was founded by Ipas in 2009 and operates independently as a UK Registered Charity (No.1138896). For more information, please visit womancareglobal.org.

Media contact:

Marla Cimini
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VP, Corporate Communications
WomanCare Global
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WomanCare Global CEO Honored by San Diego Media